ArGoSoft Mail Server

ArGoSoft Mail Server 1.8

Mail Server is a server for users who want to run their own email server

ArGoSoft Mail Server is a server for users who want to run their own email server. It supports SMTP, POP3, Finger, IMAP and requires 1- 5 Mb disk space. There are three versions of Mail Server: freeware, Plus and Pro.
Freeware version will help you protect your mail server from unauthorized use. You can relay the messages to Mail exchangers and check mail using any web browser all over the world. This version has SMTP authentication, built-in web interface and anti-spam protection.
If you use Plus or Pro versions, you will have more abilities: using password protected Administration Mode, distribution lists, auto responders, basic filters, unlimited message size, WAP interface, IMAP, advanced anti-spam features like Graylisting, Whitelisting, Sender Police Framework. You can trust and ban IP addresses too.
If you want to use ArGoSoft Mail Server, you have not to depend on your Internet Provider. But permanent internet connection is required. You should have LAN and your server computer must have a static IP address.

Vladislava Kokurkina
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  • Has administration mode which allows you to check other users
  • Has anti-spam protection
  • Has built-in web interface


  • Freeware version has many limits, for example, message size is limited to 5 Megs, no administration mode or distribution lists
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